The production company Kulturværste is owned by composer Svein Gundersen, director Ole-Hermann Gudim Lundberg and playwright Hans-P. Thøgersen. The company is situated in Fredrikstad, Norway, close to the capital Oslo. 

Kulturværste ( meaning: the Cultural - yard ) started in 2005. They develop and produce musicals, theatre and shows, and coordinate events for privat and public companies. They also runs Sceneteppe, a stage - centre for children and youths from 8 – 18 year.

Yearly they write and produce for the outdour venue Brottet Amfi – a greek - roman amfi with 500 seats. Since 2005, over 50.000 visitors have been in the arena. Kulturværste has written 8 different musicals for the venue. The company also write and produce new plays and adaptions for children theatre. Among this a version of Robert L. Stevenson “Treasure Island”. Their last piece is Vikings wich is opening in march 2016.

Here is a link to Pucks Prolog from our musical adaption of Shakespeares “A midsummer Night`s Dream”. ( Singer: Dag Brandth )